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Chicco Liteway vs Liteway Plus Lightweight Stroller: Ultimate Comparison

by  Katie -  Last updated on December 16, 2020

Last Updated on December 16, 2020

It feels like it should be easy to choose a stroller—up until you’re staring at dozens of options and wondering which one is the safest, which one is most comfortable for your baby, which one has the best features, and which one you can afford.

Amidst all your research, you might have narrowed down to Chicco Liteway and the Liteway Plus.

From the popular Chicco brand, these strollers are similar, but with key differences that may make one the best option for you and your family. Keep reading as we pit them against each other to figure out which one’s the better investment.


Chicco Liteway vs Liteway Plus At A Glance

  • The Chicco Liteway, since it is the earlier version of this model of stroller, is about $40 less than the Liteway Plus, but keep in mind that it does have less features
  • The Liteway Plus is a two-in-one model, so you can use it as a standard stroller and as a car seat carrier—you only have to fold the seat forward to attach it to your car seat
  • Both weigh about the same amount, but the Liteway Plus is a little heavier—this means that the Liteway Plus can support a little more weight, and can carry your baby from birth to 50 pounds. The Chicco Liteway can only carry your baby until they’re 40 pounds
  • Only the Liteway Plus includes a car seat carrier
  • They also share similar features, with strong suspension for safe riding, the option to recline your baby in five possible positions, and a canopy to protect your little one from the sun—with a peek-a-boo window for them to look out only in the Chicco Liteway
  • Of course, you have space in both strollers to store your drinks, phones, and keys in the cup holder and storage basket

Chicco Liteway Advantages

  • Reclining

Both Chicco strollers do have a stroller, but the original Liteway has five reclining positions with some better adjustments with the canopy.

This is because the canopy is longer is in Liteway, which means your baby will be just a little better protected from the sun.

  • Canopy

You already know that the canopy is longer in the Chicco Liteway, but this is an important feature when you think about the fact that you want your baby to be protected from the sun while still being able to look out of the little window.

This little window will let you see your baby too without needing to remove the canopy.

  • Cleaning

Your baby will get dirty. That’s somewhat inevitable, but if your Chicco stroller gets dirty, at least you can rest assured that it’s easy to clean the stroller.

This is because the fabric is high quality, breathable, soft, and padded, which makes it perfect for your baby and great for you when it comes time to wipe it down.

Chicco Liteway Disadvantages

  • One Mode

The biggest disadvantage to the original Liteway is simply that it’s an earlier model, meaning that it’s only a stroller.

This isn’t a bad thing at all, but if you’re looking for an option that doubles as a stroller plus car seat, you’ll need to pick up the Liteway Plus, which will save you from buying your own car seat.

  • Wheels

Unfortunately, the wheels in this stroller aren’t necessarily made to deal with uneven surfaces very well.

You might be nervous about moving your baby over streets that aren’t even or if you have any dirt roads in your area.

  • Pounds

Your baby cannot stay in this stroller for as long as they would be able to stay in the Liteway Plus.

That’s because this stroller cannot support children that are more than 40 pounds, meaning that you will have to find a replacement sooner.

Liteway Plus Advantages

  • Two-in-One

One of the biggest advantages to the Liteway Plus is that it’s a two-in-one stroller. You can use it to fit as a car seat without having to buy a whole new seat.

There’s a lot that you need to buy to keep your little one safe, so any place that you can save a little money, you might want to.

  • Convenience

It’s just easier to remove the seat of the stroller and click it into place in your car seat rather than picking up your baby and having to resituate them.

This stroller is just convenient, and hopefully might work to keep your baby asleep while you move them so that you don’t need to struggle with putting them back to sleep.

  • Infants to Toddlers

Due to the side of this car seat, it’s possible for you to use it not only on your infant child in the car, but for your toddler too.

This saves you some time picking out a new seat as your child ages, and will help your child stay safe as they grow up.

Liteway Plus Disadvantages

  • Price

It’s true that this stroller is just a little more expensive than the Liteway Chicco. This might be worth it to you since it’s a two-in-one stroller, meaning that you won’t need to buy a whole separate seat carrier to move your baby from stroller to car.

  • Canopy

The canopy is shorter on the Liteway Plus, which means that you don’t need a little window to see your baby, but this also means that your baby isn’t as completely protected from the sun as they would be in the original Liteway.

  • Wheels

Like the Chicco Liteway, the Liteway Plus doesn’t have the greatest wheels. For all the updates of the Liteway Plus, it still cannot move over uneven surfaces very well, which may make you nervous when it comes to transporting your baby.

Winner: Don’t want to read the full article? The editor’s choice is the Liteway Plus.

What’s the Difference Between Them?

Stroller vs Two-In-One

Which stroller you get really depends on what you’re actually looking for. The Chicco Liteway is just that: a stroller. That’s all it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad option, because it will still keep your child safe while you push them around.

If you want more than a stroller though and want to use your seat for your car too, that’s when you’ll want to pick up the Liteway Plus. This stroller can be used for older children and in the car too, and is only $40 more expensive than the original.

Verdict: The Liteway Plus

Out In the Sun

Ultimately, one of the biggest differences between these two strollers is in the canopy. The Chicco Liteway has a longer canopy that allows you to adjust your recline level when you’re out in the sun with your baby.

The Liteway Plus does not allow this same level of adjustment with the canopy since the canopy is smaller, and won’t cover your baby as much. There is also no window in the canopy of the Liteway Plus.

This is because it’s so small that you can easily look past it to see your baby, but you can also choose to remove it if you find that it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Verdict: The Chicco Liteway

Child Size

One of the biggest differences between the two strollers is that they support children of different weights.

The original Chicco can support children of up to 40 pounds, although if you find that your child is taller, you may notice that you’re having some problems fitting them into the five-strap system.

Many people also notice that it’s difficult to get the buckle up around their child’s waist.

The Liteway Plus will support children of up to 50 pounds, which means that you’ll be able to use it for longer. You might also appreciate the larger straps in case your child grows a little quickly.

Verdict: The Liteway Plus


Ultimately, both strollers maneuver well. They both have the same type of wheels that work best on flat ground and short strolls, and include the same type of comfortable seats that are made to keep your baby safe when you move around.

The real difference is in the ability to attach the Liteway Plus to the KeyFit infant car seat and to maneuver your baby around without waking them up. All you have to do is pick up the seat and listen for the click to make sure that your baby is safe.

Both at least can be carried with the included handle, and are lightweight enough to move around with you.

The Verdict: The Liteway Plus


Ultimately, both the Chicco Liteway and the Liteway Plus are great strollers and will help you keep your baby safe when you go out for the day. When you think about convenience and portability though, the better stroller is the Liteway Plus.

For only a little extra, you have a stroller that can carry your child for longer and that can double as a car seat. It lacks the canopy of the Chicco Liteway, but overall, it’s a better deal with many of the same features.

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