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Pampers Cruisers vs Swaddlers vs Baby Dry Diapers: Ultimate Comparison

by  Katie -  Last updated on April 1, 2021

Last Updated on April 1, 2021

As a new parent, you must be fully prepared to live and breathe diapers for at least a couple of years.

What matters now, is what kind of diapers will work the best for your little one. In a sea of options it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and suddenly, you’re drowning.

Not to fear, we decided to compare some of the more highly revered diapers on the market today. Cheaper and lesser known brands are tempting for budget-buyers, but for your baby’s sake and your own it is better to go for the quality stuff if you can afford it.

It’s a great starting point, but if all else fails at least you’ll know what qualities in a diaper to look out for. Pampers is one of those brands that is consistent and widely used by parents everywhere. These three types of diapers have different qualities about them that appeal to different people.

Remember that these are everyday diapers and some of them may not double as an overnight diaper as well. As we go on, we are looking for a diaper that has good mobility, variations in size, and a comfortable look and feel for your baby.

Diapers that have these qualities are indicative of the brand’s thought process and show us that they can deliver a product that can accomplish what it sets out to do.


Pamper Cruisers vs Swaddlers vs Baby Dry At a Glance

Pampers Cruisers

Quite like its namesake, Cruisers are meant for when your little one has begun going mobile. They have begun their walking journey, so all that is left is to find a diaper that can support them along the way.

This diaper is meant to combat diaper gaps that occur with ill-fits, causing any leaks. The stay-put waist that these diapers embody help to keep things snug, comfortable, and adaptable.

They can adapt to 3 points of your baby’s body such as the legs, waist, and bottom. The only drawback is that there are only sizes from 3 up to 7 available, which may not fit every child. It also may be more indicative of the fact that they won’t be able to adapt for all babies.

Besides that, there is plenty to love about the Pampers Cruisers. The quality of the material is there. All in all, it is a great diaper for mobile babies and heaviers ones as well.


  • Offers 12 hours of protection
  • Available in a size 7
  • Stays dry on baby skin


  • No wetness indicator available on the diapers
  • Not available in all sizes

Pampers Swaddlers

These are truly the best diapers for newborns, even used by doctors and nurses alike. They are known for their super soft feel and delicate fit. Also providing an umbilical cord notch that is designed to comfortably fit over your newborns fragile belly.

The wetness indicator helps to alert you when the diaper needs changing. It comes in the form of a strip that changes color when wet. A great tool in case you can’t smell the waste right when it happens.

The Absorb-Away liner helps to ensure that your baby stays dry and free from any rashes that may occur overnight. The only thing you need to remember with these diapers is that they’re meant for newborns only.

There isn’t possibility for growth and eventually you will have to find another type of diaper as your baby ages. Until then, the Pampers Swaddlers are a wonderful choice for the first months of your little one’s life.


  • Incredibly soft material
  • Wetness indicator available
  • Umbilical cord notch available


  • Sizing won’t extend for length of diaper phase
  • Slight baby powder odor

Pampers Baby Dry

These diapers are reliable and have the longevity you’re looking for. They’re meant to last the duration of your child’s diaper phase whilst using material to ensure your baby stays as dry as possible to combat any rashes from occurring.

The air dry channels the diapers use make sure that the diaper itself is breathable and won’t cause any extra moisture from happening. They’re even able to input 3 layers of absorbency whilst staying slim and less bulky.

Keep in mind, that there is still a wetness indicator that is utilized, but it is only available on sizes 1-2. The reason for this is quite unknown, but we do wish it could be used a little longer in other sizes.

Also, this is the only diaper on the list that can be used as an overnight diaper as well as everyday, which makes this obvious choice to go for. The Pampers Baby Dry appears to be an all-around type of diaper that successfully combats every problem that diapers tend to cause. Which makes it a winner, in our book.


  • Wetness indicator available
  • A great choice for an overnight diaper
  • Stretchy sides for comfy fit


  • Thinner than the average diaper
  • Scented aspect may add to odor rather than take away

What to Consider When Buying Product

Odor Defense

When it comes to odors, your little one’s diapers and diaper pail are bound to carry not so little scents. As they grow older and start eating more solid foods, it only makes sense that their waste is going to get stinkier.

In terms of diapers, you will find that some diaper brands will try to mask the scents as much as possible, and others don’t bother to try. This is because the smell is inevitable and sometimes, trying to mask the scent can make for an even more nauseating stink altogether.

The Pampers Baby Dry and Swaddlers offer slight baby powder scents to cover the stink as best they can whereas the Pampers Cruisers won’t bother.

As explained before, It’s important to understand that when it comes down to it, your child’s diaper will inevitably stink and any diaper brand that promises strong odor defense is to be taken with a grain of salt.

Odor defense is a losing battle, and you will find that leading diapers brands put their focus into making sure that their diapers are more comfortable than anything else. There will be other opportunities that will come to help combat the stink, like diaper pail deodorizers, but as far as diapers are concerned, the less baby powder smell mixing with the other odors, the better.

Diaper Sizes

Since baby products are so fleeting in life, it is important to find the products that will try to grow with your child for as long as it can. Babies grow so fast that you’ll find yourself continuously updating their diaper size as they age.

This means you’ll want a diaper brand that can keep up with your child, so you won’t have to find new diapers every time they grow out of one size. The Pampers Swaddlers is a great diaper, but it was specifically made for newborns, so banking on this one diaper won’t be enough.

Eventually you’ll find yourself right back where you started. The Pampers Cruisers and Pampers Baby Dry each have their own qualities that make them desirable, but their diaper sizes also vary.

The Cruisers are meant for the age when babies become mobile and the Baby Dry’s are trying to do everything at once, but only have sizing up to size 6. There’ll be chances to explore and experiment with different diapers, but for those who want the best diaper as soon as possible will find themselves doing a bit more research.

Remember that routines and familiarity are important and your child may not enjoy the experimentation process. Which in turn, won’t make you enjoy it much either.


Diapers will be some of the most expensive things of your parenting journey in the long run. It then becomes equally important to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to how many diapers are in each box.

You might be better off buying in bulk if you can afford it, because from an investment standpoint it is cheaper. Upon researching which Pampers diaper offers the best price point, it turned out to be fairly varied across the board.

It will all depend on which size you need, because different packs offer different prices for different sizes. Pampers Cruisers offer the largest bulk buy in size 3 (174 count) at the cheapest cost, whereas they offer the least amount of diapers at size 6 (108 count) for a similar and slightly more expensive price.

Everything in between is also varying, so it’s important to keep in mind when prices stop making sense and it’s time to do some calculations. The Pampers Baby Dry has more of the same patterns.

It seems no matter what, you’ll be paying more for larger sizes. The good thing is that you can buy in bulk online and won’t have to be consistently buying more.

Quality, Material, and Effectiveness

Most notably, these are the features that matter most when choosing a diaper brand for your child. If this is going to be a consistent part of their lives in the beginning, you want them to be comfortable, while also having an absorbent diaper.

Having a soft, stretchy, and absorbent diaper is a must, but cheaper diaper brands tend to irritate more because they compromise on these aspects. The less of these features you have to sacrifice, the better.

Your child will be much better off wearing a material that keeps them dry and doesn’t leave them prone to burning rashes. You’ll also want something that feels like cotton to alleviate that chafing, and has the absorbency to keep your baby dry.

All these different factors come together to create a diaper that can make your baby feel comfortable and give you peace of mind. The Pampers Swaddlers have the softest material and a notable amount of absorbency.

It makes sense why it is most babies’ first diaper. The addition of the umbilical cord notch is a wonderful plus for newborns giving optimal comfortability once their bodies grow into their bellies. After they leave the newborn stage, then begins a choice of their next diaper.

The Pampers Cruisers and the Pampers Baby Dry are great “next” options.The Baby Dry will focus more on giving a soft and absorbent material whereas the Cruisers will focus more on a breathable fabric that gives an adaptable, but snug fit.

The Pampers Baby Dry are also hailed as good overnight diapers, so there is more flexibility when it comes to these brands of diapers. As with most things, it will come down to what’s important for you in terms of giving your child a suitable diaper.


All in all, Pampers is a great brand for diapers, offering different types to appeal more to the various aspects of a good diaper. No matter the age or accompanying size, you can be sure to find a diaper that fits your child whilst keeping them comfortable and safe.

The Pampers Cruisers, Swaddlers, and Baby Dry are all equally fantastic for different purposes. It just becomes a matter of what your purpose is at the time. Pampers Cruisers are best suited for the mobile babies.

The 3 way fit that is accompanied by wearing these diapers is sure to give your child the right amount of comfortability as they venture off to new horizons. No amount of activity will cause diaper gapes, leaks, or chafing to occur.

Pampers Swaddlers are exclusively meant for newborns. They will offer soft and cozy fits for your new child whilst keeping them dry and keeping you updated on the wetness factor going on. Recommended and used by many hospitals, it’s hard not to see why.

Pampers Baby Dry are a great choice for overnight diapers. The levels of absorbency that these diapers are able to offer, ensure that your child stays dry through the night. They are reliable and comfortable diapers that can also be used as everyday diapers.

The attention to detail on the fit and design really make this a diaper worth considering over all. Along with a reliable diaper, we also recommend you to keep a baby first aid ready, checkout the best ones here.

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