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VTech DM221 vs DM223 Audio Baby Monitor: Ultimate Comparison

by  Katie -  Last updated on December 16, 2020
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Last Updated on December 16, 2020

Being a parent is never an easy task, especially when dealing with newborns or young babies.

Between caring for their needs and maintaining your household chores, life can be overwhelming if you don’t have a good monitor to alert you to when the baby is awake and needs attention. This is where a good VTech baby audio monitor can come in handy.

While both the VTech DM221 audio baby monitor and DM223 audio baby monitor work great, they do have some differences between them that may make you lean towards one of them.


VTech DM221 vs DM223 At A Glance

  • Both have a 150ft indoor range, and a 1000 feet outdoor range (unobstructed) so you can go about your daily tasks while the baby enjoys a nice nap.
  • Both use DECT 6.0 Technology that eliminates background noise from the room so you can hear the baby more clearly.
  • Two-way talk back capabilities allow you to comfort your baby with your voice.
    The parent units are equipped with a belt clip while you work, keeping your hands free.
  • Both have 5 Level sound indicator bars to alert you of how loud the white noise of the room is.

VTech DM221 Advantages

Rechargeable Batteries on Parent Units

One thing you won’t have to worry about with Vtech DM221 audio baby monitor system is changing out batteries, as the ones included are rechargeable batteries and the charger is included. The Parent units use the same charging supply, which limits how many cords you’ll end up dealing with. The baby unit will need to stay plugged in, as it does not have a battery like the parent units.

DM221-2 audio monitor has a battery life of up to 18 hours which is considered very long and comes with a rechargeable battery.

These audio monitors have sound activation and two-way talk to baby, the two most sought after features in monitors. If that isn’t enough to sway you it has a remotely controlled night light, belt clip, and mute features.

Backlit Display on Parent Units

One parent unit with this monitor has backlit displays so you can see the screen in darker areas or if you’re having a movie marathon while the baby is in bed for the night. The backlit display helps you see everything clearly, without having to strain your eyes.

Vibration & Audio Alerts

Vtech DM221 audio baby monitor will alert you with an audio cue, and a vibrating sound if the connection between the parent unit and base unit is lost, or when the battery of the parent unit is getting low and needs to charge.

VTech DM221 Disadvantages

Beeps when making Selections on Parent units

Whenever you need to make adjustments to the settings, The Vtech DM221 audio baby monitor will make a loud noise which can be annoying to some. This noise cannot be disabled or reduced.

Battery Life in the Parent Unit

Each parent unit has a run time of 5 to 7 hours, depending on how frequently they kick on due to noise, and how often you use the talk functions.

Backup Battery

Power outages are the biggest threat to this system no longer working since the Vtech DM221 audio baby monitor does not have a backup battery, and needs to be plugged into an outlet directly in order to function.

VTech DM223 Advantages

No need to adjust Settings

No more fine tweaking settings, audio levels, or sensitivity settings. Just turn it on, let it automatically link up to the baby unit, and you’re all set. It also comes with 5 Level sound indicator bars.

Automatically syncs to Baby Unit

The moment you turn the unit on and plug in the base unit, it automatically syncs and connects seamlessly without any extra steps on your end.

The Night Light is Adjustable

The night light on this unit has adjustable settings. Make sure to set it to turn on with noise or to just be on, though it will shut off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

VTech DM223 Disadvantages

No Backup Battery in Baby Unit

The base unit for this model is also a direct wall plug-in, with no back-up battery in case of power outages or outlet failures.

No WiFi Connections

Since this is an audio-only unit and connects to a parent receiver, it does not have WiFi capabilities and cannot connect to other devices of similar nature or newer models.

No Video Display

As an audio-only monitor, it doesn’t have video capabilities and no cameras built into the baby monitor.

What Are Their Differences?

As can be expected, all baby monitors have differences. Even within the same brand like VTech, there are small differences between each model that can influence your decision.

Since the Vtech DM221 audio baby monitor and DM223 audio baby monitor were released four years apart, it shouldn’t surprise you that these models have unique aspects. The DM221 has some functions that were not continued in the DM223 and likewise, the DM223 has functions that weren’t available for the DM221. You don’t have to navigate these differences on your own though as we go over both models in depth.

Instead of picking apart the DM221 baby monitors first and then proceeding to pick apart the DM223 baby audio monitors, we’ve come up with some basic requirements in baby monitors and compared them side by side below. You’ll be able to see how the monitors stand against each other without worrying about forgetting what one model provided while you read about the second. With that in mind, read below to directly compare both VTech baby monitors at once.


Babies are expensive. The last thing you need is to keep adding to the bill by purchasing things way overpriced. Cribs and strollers and car seats already set you back a couple of hundred dollars so if you’re lacking the extra money to purchase a super high-tech baby monitor, don’t despair! You’re not alone and VTech is certainly on your side.

Both the VTech DM221 digital audio baby monitor and DM223 digital audio baby monitor are budget-friendly. The DM221 tends to run a couple of bucks more than the DM223 because it comes with a double parent unit, but both are under $50. For a little extra, the DM223 can also come with a double parent unit and still stays under your budget easily.


The DM221 wins this. The double parent unit for such a low price is a winner. No matter where in the house you are, both parents can have a monitor. When your baby gets fussy, both of you will know and don’t have to leave the only monitor with one person.

Distance and Function

Even in small houses, it can be difficult to go anywhere you want without worrying about the connection or signal. The last thing you want is to find yourself working outside only to check the monitor and discover it’s no longer connected to the one in your baby’s room. Big houses can also pose a challenge if you’re working on the other end of the house or on a separate floor.

Again, VTech comes through with reliable and long-distance connections. Both their models have an outdoor range of 1000 feet and an indoor range of 150 feet. Wherever you are at home, you’ll be able to trust the secure connection of these VTech monitors. With the DECT 6.0 digital technology, you can also be sure the signal is secure so only you are aware of your baby’s sounds and movements.


It’s a tie when it comes to distance. Both monitors have the same range and use DECT 6.0 digital technology for transmitting a secure connection. Even if we didn’t personally know how high quality these monitors were, it’s easy to see that VTech uses trustworthy technology if they didn’t change it in four years.

Talk Back Capability and Alert Features

Both these VTech baby monitors lack when it comes to being able to watch your baby. Neither the DM221 nor the DM223 have the option to see your baby on a screen, so you’ll have to be content with just listening. However, it has an impressive and clear transmission of the audio. It doesn’t mix other sounds in with your baby’s so you won’t have a hard time figuring out if your baby is whining or if the crib is just shifting.

Along with exceptional audio capabilities, both of these monitors have the option to talk to your baby. You can activate the “talk” button on the monitor and comfort your baby from wherever you are. Whether you want to sing soft lullabies to soothe your baby back to sleep or simply coo gently, the audio is just as great going back to your baby as it is for you.

Both the DM221 and the DM223 have the ability to vibrate and alert you to your baby’s cries. This can be especially helpful when you’re fast asleep at night and not likely to wake up to the sounds on the monitor. The vibrating sound can act as a little extra to notify you and it comes with a safe sound.

The DM223 has the extra ability to alert you to the noise level coming from the monitor via a night light signal. If you’ve turned the monitor to mute for whatever reason, the DM223 will continue to use lights and colors to let you know what noises are coming through. It will vibrate automatically if the noise level from your baby’s room is getting too loud, too.


The DM223 audio monitors wins this round. If it wasn’t for the extra light signal capability, it would have been another tie. However, in a world where online meetings are becoming more common and you need a soundless way to monitor your baby, the addition of signal lights and automatic vibration comes in handy.


While both audio baby monitors are great, the VTech DM223 audio baby monitors is the winner in our book. It is an improved version of the DM221 and is smaller in size with the same range, battery life, and a few other adjustments and improvements. It can come with a double parent unit or one depending on your needs and what you’ll be using it for.

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