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The 21 Best Swimsuits for Pregnancy (Maternity Tankinis and More)

by  Katie -  Last updated on December 16, 2020
Best Swimsuits for Pregnancy

Last Updated on December 16, 2020

Can you wear regular swimsuit while pregnant?

Is it better to wear a one-piece maternity swimsuit, a tankini, or a bikini?

I can tell you have a lot of questions.

You might also wonder what size maternity swimsuit you should buy.

We’ll look at the answers in the reviews below.

First, let’s talk about why swimming is an excellent exercise when you’re pregnant.


Quick Comparison

If you don’t have time to read the complete article, here are our top picks.

Top Swimsuits for Pregnancy In 2021

1. Maternal America Women’s Maternity Ruched Tankini

Motherhood maternity swimsuit comes in all types and styles.

As your belly expands, you’re likely to find that a tankini like this one is more comfortable.

It has a flattering fit and a V-neck. It provides freedom of movement with a snug, but not tight fit.

The sleek material of this maternity swimsuit is 82% nylon and 18% spandex. It’s made in the USA, and it’s machine-washable.

Choose from an assortment of colors and sizes. We feel this is the best maternity swimsuits available out there.

2. Maternal America Women’s Halter Maternity Tankini

Instead of the elegantly bunched up, or ruched sides, design above, this tankini looks minimalist.

This maternity swimsuit features a bikini bottom with a V-neck halter style top. There are ties at the back of the neck and on the sides. They allow you to adjust the fit as your belly grows. We feel this is the best maternity swimsuits available out there and is a perfect fit

The soft material of this maternity swimsuit is the same: 82% nylon and 18% spandex. But it’s not machine washable – you’ll need to wash it by hand.

Again, there are a variety of patterns and colors available with this maternity swimsuit.

3. PEZ D’OR Maternity Palm Springs Lurex Marine Tankini Set

Here’s a red white and blue maternity swimsuit with a classic sailor design.

The tankini top has removable cups and a little red bow in the front. The fit adjusts with the tie around the neck.

Meanwhile, the bottom is fully lined front and back. We feel this is the best maternity swimsuits available out there.

4. Miraclesuit Illusionist Mirage Tankini Top

It’s natural that your breasts will grow during pregnancy. But the new size may be uncomfortable when you are wearing these bathing suits.

You need extra support.

That’s why curvy women have fallen in love with this tankini top.

This maternity swimsuit has a high neckline and an underwire. We feel this is the best maternity swimsuits available out there.

Moreover, the unique Miratex fabric of this maternity swimsuit makes your body look slimmer. It drapes around your midsection to hide the extra weight.

This maternity swimsuit certainly doesn’t look like a maternity swimsuit.

The fabric is 95% polyester and 5% Lycra. You’ll need to hand-wash it in cool water and let it air dry.

5. Momo Maternity Bathing Suit UPF 50 Skirted Swimdress

You’re putting sunscreen on your exposed body parts. But did you know that UV radiation can penetrate fabric?

To prevent your delicate skin from becoming sunburned, wear a maternity swimsuit with built-in sunscreen.

The UPF 50 rating means that the nylon and spandex material blocks 97% of harmful UV radiation. The stretchy knit of this maternity swimsuit feels soft, and it’s machine-washable.

This one-piece maternity swimsuit is a mini dress with an adjustable halter neck and sewn-in cups. The skirt slenderizes the belly and bottom. We feel this is the best maternity one-piece swimsuit available.

6. Momo Maternity Bathing Suit UPF 50

These maternity bathing suits come with UV protection.

The form-fitting design is a one-piece maternity swimsuit with adjustable halter neck-straps.

The chest has sewn-in cups and ruches along the sides that expand as the belly grows. Customers say that it seems true to size.

The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked. We feel this is the best maternity one-piece swimsuit available.

7. Century Star Shoulder Maternity Swimsuit & One-Piece Maternity Ruffle Swimsuit

To be honest, this one-piece maternity swimsuit is ideal for sitting by the pool or soaking in the water, but less comfortable for active swimming.

Still, for the price, it’s a steal.

It balances sexy with sensible. And you can get it in a variety of patterns and colors. We feel this is the most supportive swimsuit that is available out there.

The material is soft and comfortable. It’s 80% polyamide and 20% elastane, so it has plenty of stretches. We feel this is the best maternity one-piece swimsuit available.

Next, the peplum top slenderizes the bust while the minimal shoulder straps show off a little skin. But it’s this attractive maternity ruffle top that inhibits swimming.

8. Mermaid Maternity Women’s Maternity V Insert Tankini Top

There’s no question that you’re pregnant when you wear this form-fitting tankini.

It has a drawstring closure at the bottom. This allows you to continue to wear it as your belly grows.

Inside the top is a bra with soft cups. We feel this is the best maternity swimsuits available out there.

Customers say they can wear it throughout their pregnancy. To get the right fit, order your pre-pregnancy size.

Keep in mind that this is the top only, not the bottom.

There are several colors and patterns available.

9. Oceanlily Cross Back Maternity Swimwear Tankini Top

Have you noticed that chlorine sometimes damages swimsuits?

Fortunately, there is a tankini top that chlorine won’t destroy. It also dries quickly. We feel like this is the best maternity swimsuits available out there.

The crossover straps on the back provide plenty of extra support for the chest. But the elastic provides lots of room to grow.

This is the top you can wear while you’re pregnant and after you give birth.

It comes in both prints and solid colors.

10. Oceanlily Maternity Swimwear Halter Tankini Top

This form-fitting tankini top has a built-in sports bra. If you’re serious about swimming, it’s a smart choice.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to purchase bottoms separately. But you can match it with anything from a bikini to boy shorts to board shorts.

Later on this page, I’ll show you some of the swimsuit bottoms.

The tankini comes in different patterns but all with the same style – a high neck halter top. Plus, it has ruched sides, so your belly has room to grow.

Furthermore, the fabric is resistant to chlorine and quick-drying. It’s made to last.

11.  Ziola Women Two Piece Retro Plum Wrap Front Tankini

If you prefer solid colors and sexy design, here’s a tankini you should consider. It includes both the top and a full-coverage bottom.

The top has removable cups inside the flattering faux wrap bust.

Meanwhile, the sides have ruched, or bunched-up, seams that expand as your belly grows. Also, the straps are adjustable.

The company has adjusted sizing to reflect the American market.

12. OUISISI Maternity Swimsuit Plus Size Top Tankini UPF50+

Some mamas are curvier than others. If you like to show off your curves, wear it with the bottom rolled up.

On the other hand, you can roll down the waist and turn it into a mini dress. (You’ll still need to purchase bottoms separately, though.)

It has wide, adjustable straps and shirred sides with ties.

Women with larger bust sizes have praised it for its exceptional fit.

13. Century Star Striped Maternity Tankini

I admit it; this swimsuit is more for show than for swimming.

It’s hard to resist with its stylish peplum front and V-neck one-piece suit that reveals just enough cleavage.

At the same time, the scrunched top disguises a plus-sized body.

Remember, you’ll need to select bottoms to go with it.

14. Oceanlily UV Protection 50 UPF Long Sleeve Maternity Swim Shirt

If you burn easily or tend to develop rashes from the water, check out this swim shirt.

It offers protection against UV radiation and irritation.

It features an adjustable body length with drawstrings at the sides.

15. EastElegant Maternity Swimwear Two-Piece Tankini Set

On the other hand, simplify your shopping by purchasing a complete maternity tankini set like this one. This maternity swimwear includes the top and bottom parts.

Choose from striped or floral print maternity swimwear.

The shoulder straps of this maternity swimwear are adjustable. Then, the loose bottom of the maternity swimwear allows plenty of air circulation on a hot day.

Inside the top, you can remove the chest pads if you don’t need them.

16. Summer Mae 2-Piece Flounce Top with Boyshorts

Here’s a two-piece swimsuit with a cute top. It’s layered flounce with plenty of loose material to camouflage your belly and chest.

There are adjustable spaghetti shoulder straps similar to what you’d see on a bra. But it’s the removable and replaceable cup pads that come in handy for nursing moms.

The material feels silky and soft, and it dries quickly. That’s good as you need to hand-wash it, then drip-dry it.

Besides, the suit comes with boy shorts. These cover enough of your bottom that you don’t need to worry about hanging out.

17. Body Glove Women’s Smoothies Nuevo Contempo Solid Bikini Bottom

Speaking of bottoms, let’s look at those now.

Here’s a pair of bikini bottoms with full rear coverage. They also have a slightly higher rise than the typical bikini.

As a result, they’re unlikely to slide off unexpectedly in the water during your workout.

They come in a diverse array of colors to match pretty much any tankini or bikini top.

Furthermore, they are made by Body Glove, a trusted brand for surfers worldwide.

18. Oceanlily High Waist Over The Belly Maternity Skirt Briefs

If you’re reluctant to show off skin, you might enjoy this swim skort. It’s ready for the pool, but modest enough for the poolside.

It camouflages the bottom and upper thighs very well.

Happily, for as much coverage as it offers, the material still dries very quickly.

But more important for pregnant women is the versatile waist. You can wear it over the belly, across the abdomen, or below it.

When you choose the size, go off what you used to wear before you became pregnant.

19. Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Basic Bikini Bottom

Keep it simple with this black maternity bikini bottom. It will match pretty much anything.

The legs and waist are elastic, but they’re made to not cut into the skin. The front is just low enough to fit under the belly.

Take note that this is not a full-coverage bottom.

20. Mermaid Maternity Women’s Maternity Board Shorts

Board shorts for pregnant women are a trending fashion. Not everyone feels comfortable in a bikini, after all.

This pair has an attached inner brief, unlike the guys’ version.

Besides that, it has a panel that you can wear up over the belly. Otherwise, fold it down and out of the way.

21. Mermaid Maternity Women’s Maternity Swim Skirt with Attached Boyshort

It’s a skirt with boy shorts inside. It also has a panel you can pull up over your belly.

The simple black material is Xtra Life Lycra. It’s up to 10 times more resistant to chlorine than regular spandex.

Customers point out that the skirt covers enough thigh to keep them comfortable in the public eye. Also, the boy short interior doesn’t ride up.

Why you need a swimsuit when you’re pregnant?

Spending time in the water can help with aches and pains, and morning sickness, too.

The extra weight that you’ve gained and the structural changes in your body lead to backaches and swollen feet.

But when you’re in the pool, you feel weightless and mobile like you never do on land.

Instead of pushing down inside of you, the baby is floating along with you.

That’s why it’s great to give your body a break from all the stress by going for a swim.

Cool water can help diminish nausea as well.

Plus, exercise is essential to keep your body healthy.

Essential tips to keep you and your baby healthy while swimming

Before you step into the pool or wade into the ocean, check for water safety.

Avoid bodies of water that aren’t properly maintained and sanitary.

Next, skip the hot tub for now. In a few months, you can enjoy it again.

That’s because hot water can raise your body temperature and cause birth defects.

There are other things to consider when you go swimming while pregnant.

For example, be more cautious on slippery surfaces.

Don’t cannonball into the water, and don’t hold your breath. Both you and the baby need oxygen.

Stick to swimming on the surface and take it easy. Remember to eat and drink enough to maintain your energy and hydration.

If you get tired, feel like there is dizziness or faint, or have sharp pains, stop and get out of the water immediately.

Above all, double-check with your doctor to make sure that swimming is okay during your pregnancy.

Now, let’s get you a new bathing suit.

How to keep your swimsuit in top condition?

Chlorinated pool water and seawater are hard on fabric.

To keep your swimsuit looking like new, it’s important to rinse it with fresh water when you’re done with it.

Then, don’t twist it to wring it. Let it drip dry.

You don’t have to wash it in the machine every time you use it.


Get yourself a bathing suit and get comfortable in the water.

So, if one-pieces, tankinis, or swim dresses, are your style, you’re going to want to look for a maternity swimsuit.

There are maternity swimsuits in a wide assortment of styles for every taste.

Let us know if you found your new favorite swimsuit here today.


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