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The 27 Best Underwear for Pregnancy (Maternity Panties, Over and Under the Bump)

by  Katie -  Last updated on December 16, 2020
Best Underwear for Pregnancy

Last Updated on December 16, 2020

Are you wondering if you need maternity underwear for pregnancy?

If so, when should you start wearing maternity underpants?

The answers depend on you.

At the very least, you’ll probably want low-cut, stretchy panties for the last trimester.

But you don’t need to settle for being uncomfortable.

You can choose from two different kinds of comfy pregnancy underwear.

Below the bump briefs, bikinis, and thongs are less sweaty.

Meanwhile, above the bump undies add extra support.

Overall, the best underwear for pregnancy is what suits your style and body.


Quick Comparison

If you don’t have time to read the complete article, here are our top picks.

27 Top Underwear for Pregnancy In 2021

1. Intimate Portal Under The Bump Maternity Cradle Briefs

Intimate Portal under the bump has designed a variety of maternity underwear styles for pregnant women.

Let’s begin with their low-rise briefs with full-coverage.

This is a pair of maternity underwear that won’t give you wedgies.

The bulk of the fabric is refined cotton with a little bit of spandex for stretch. The top cradles the underside of the bump, and it won’t roll down.

Also, the elastic leg openings of the maternity underwear don’t dig into the thighs. They shouldn’t show up as panty lines, either.

All the fabric is certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex for health and safety. It’s free of chemicals and heavy metals.

Finally, the crotch inner lining is 100 percent cotton for hygiene. It’s a light color that allows you to detect discharge.

2. Intimate Portal Women Anti-Chafing Maternity Pregnancy Boyshorts

If you hate it when your thighs rub together, check out these boy shorts. Women in their second and third trimesters love them.

They go over the bump and down to about midthigh. The flat leg bands stay put without pinching.

Moreover, they have an adjustable waistband so that you don’t need to keep buying larger sizes.

Of course, they’re made of refined cotton that’s tested for quality and safety. Also, they are machine-washable.

3. Intimate Portal Foldable Under Bump Maternity Underwear

For ultimate flexibility, try these foldable cotton panties. They can go over or under the bump and is suitable during the pre-pregnancy period.

They also serve as post-pregnancy underwear

The full rear and stretchy fabric ensures a perfect fit throughout the latter part of pregnancy and afterward.

The light-colored crotch liner is 100 percent cotton to help you detect spots. And all the fabric is certified to be free of chemicals and heavy metals.

4. Intimate Portal Stay-Fit Under The Bump Hipster

Hipster underwear like these provides moderate coverage of your rear end. Happily, they won’t give you wedgies.

The body-hugging fit is undetectable under maternity clothes.

You can also wear maternity underwear after giving birth as you recover.

Most of the fabric is refined cotton with a little spandex. They look delicate, but they can be machine-washed and tumble-dried.

5. Intimate Portal Women Under The Bump Maternity Bikini Panties

What is the best underwear for leggings? I’d say that these bikini panties fit the bill.

They are 95% refined cotton and 5% spandex blend for stretching us. The light-colored crotch liner is 100 percent cotton to help you detect spots

The waistline is low-cut to avoid irritating C-section incisions.

Plus, there are no panty lines, although there is full-coverage.

6. Kindred Bravely Under The Bump Maternity Underwear

If you’re sensitive to stitching, try this seamless maternity underwear. This maternity underwear has a crossover style with a low-rise.

The fabric of this maternity underwear is 95% rayon and 5% spandex blend. As such, they need to be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle and dried on low heat.

The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This applies even if you have removed the tags, worn them, or washed them.

7. Kindred Bravely Under The Bump Pregnancy Bikini 5 Pack

These bikini bottoms are so comfortable you wish they were made for non-pregnant women.

This maternity underwear is made of 95% rayon and 5% spandex.

Surprisingly, these maternity underwear has full rear coverage, which means no wedgies.

8. Kindred Bravely Under The Bump Heather Hipster 3 Pack

If you’re not a fan of rayon, try these cotton panties instead.

Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, they don’t need the delicate cycle.

The hipster design won’t roll down or dig into the skin.

9. Motherhood Maternity Women’s 3-Pack Fold-Over Brief Panties

Moms who wore these briefs through the last trimester and after giving birth are thrilled with them.

One of the reasons is that they go over or under the belly. The elastic closure of the Motherhood maternity allows you to adjust them as your baby bump grows.

If you have a C-section, they are gentle to your tender skin.

Motherhood Maternity underwears are machine-washable and made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

10. Playtex Women’s Maternity Fold-Down Modern Brief Panties 3-Pack

Playtex makes these fold-down soft and stretchy rayon Panties without tags.

Pull the fabric over your belly or double it over to wear it under the baby bump.

They provide full coverage in the back.

11. GIFTPOCKET Women’s Under Bump Maternity Panties

Choose from a variety of colors if you like these panties. They have moderate rear coverage and a crossover style waist.

The cotton fabric has passed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 test. This means it’s eco-friendly, free of plasticizers and AZO, and safe for the skin.

12. Mommy Jennie Women Under Bump Cotton Maternity-Underwear

Here’s a brand that wants to make sure you have plenty of elasticity to accommodate the growing belly.

The fabric is 90% cotton and 10% elastane. This combination makes it super soft and breathable.

The delicate lace around the leg holes is surprisingly soft. Meanwhile, the V-shaped low-rise pattern gives freedom to your baby bump.

If you’re not happy with these pregnancy panties, they offer a no-questions-asked refund.

13. Suekaphin Womens Maternity Panties


These attractive panties are 95% soft cotton and 5% spandex. They have a low waist and full rear coverage.

When you compare prices, you’ll see that they are one of the least expensive options.

The only downside is that it’s best if you hand-wash them in cold water or use the gentle cycle.

14. INNERSY Women’s Maternity Panties Under The Bump

Don’t be alarmed if you see the label on the back on the outside. The company has done that on purpose to avoid irritating the skin.

The high-rise and low-rise V-shape in the front fits pregnant bellies perfectly.

The fabric is 92% combed cotton and 8% spandex. As such, they recommend washing in cold water in a mesh laundry bag.

The crotch is 100% cotton for superior breathability. It’s pure white so that you can spot discharge.

The underwear comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

15. Hanky Panky Women’s Maternity Original Rise Maternity Thong

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to give up your maternity thong.

The Hanky panky maternity thongs have sexy lace but are made from organically-grown Supima cotton.

The original rise design fits high on the hips but has a low-rise V-shaped front.

Choose from black, white, and chai colors. We feel this high-cut brief is the best maternity underwear out there.

16. Unilove Maternity Seamless Pregnancy Briefs

This pair of briefs features a support band for the belly. It provides extra support and comfort.

But don’t worry, the breathable cotton is stretchy and soft. It has an adjustable button on the waistband, too.

For example, the sizes are quite flexible. Small to medium suits 33 to 37-inch waists.

The only con is that this underwear is hand-washable only. We feel this is the best maternity underwear out there.

17. Bambody Absorbent/Overnight High-Rise Panty

Are you worried about making a mess when your water breaks? What about urine leaking if you sneeze?

You don’t need diapers or sanitary pads to take care of the problem. Get these panties instead.

The fabric is 95% bamboo and 5% spandex.

It’s extremely absorbent and leak-proof equal to about two tampons. The protection is equal in the front or the back.

The design of the underwear is such that it goes over the belly for extra support. It’s kind to C-section incision lines.

Plus, they don’t roll down or ride up. We feel this is the best maternity underwear out there.

18. GIFTPOCKET Maternity Underwear Modal Cotton High-Rise Belly Support

Have you heard of modal cotton? These maternity briefs are made of cellulose fiber providing high-rise belly support.

This underwear incorporates 49% regular cotton and 45% modal cotton plus 6% spandex. The result is a silky fabric that’s soft against the skin and breathable.

The floral lace adds attractive highlights without making the hem itchy. We feel this is the best maternity underwear out there.

19. INNERSY Women’s Maternity Panties Over The Bump

Here’s another pair of maternity briefs made with modal fabric. They have a 100% white cotton crotch, though.

Modal fabric looks shiny like nylon, but it breathes like cotton. You can machine-wash it and use bleach, too.

The over the belly design has full back coverage to prevent wedgies. We feel this is the best maternity underwear out there.

The label is printed-on, not sewn-in, to avoid irritating the skin. And the stretchy support band doesn’t roll over or pinch.

20. HOFISH Maternity Panties Over The Baby Bump

Bamboo is also a nice choice for underwear as it’s naturally breathable and anti-odor and provide a comfortable fir, unlike the regular underwear.

These seamless panties rise up high over the belly but don’t ride up in the rear and are perfect for a growing bump.

They wick away moisture and conform to the body. In fact, bamboo fabric is more absorbent than cotton. We feel this high-cut brief is the best maternity underwear out there.

21. Belevation Pettipant: Maternity Shapewear, High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Pregnancy Underwear

Although many pregnant women like cotton because it’s breathable, some prefer nylon. It’s sexier and sometimes feels cooler against the skin.

It’s perfect as shapewear for gentle support underclothes.

This pair of maternity briefs are made of nylon and spandex maternity shapers keep your thighs from chafing. The support panel in the front helps your belly and back relax.~

Overall, they are surprisingly breathable yet opaque and provide a comfortable fit.

They can be washed in warm water and tumble-dried. We feel this is the best maternity underwear out there.

22. Mama Cotton Women’s High Waist Maternity Underwear

The high waist of these panties has an adjustable button. As your belly grows, the underwear will continue to fit.

They’re made from 95% cotton with a 100% cotton crotch.

Since they wrap around the waist and over the belly, they provide a little extra support.

Try them, and if you don’t love them, the company offers a satisfaction guarantee. We feel this is the best maternity underwear out there.

23. Surewin Women’s Seamless Over Bump Maternity Underwear

Try bamboo fabric if you perspire a lot. It’s absorbent yet allows air to flow to keep you comfortable.

The texture is softer than cotton.

These underwear are made with 85% bamboo, 7% nylon, and 8% spandex. They are machine-washable but must be line-dried.

Take note that the waist is quite high and may reach to the bust line on some women. We feel this is the best maternity underwear out there.

24. Natori Women’s Bliss Maternity Full Boy Short

Is it possible to have cotton underwear without panty lines?


These high-waisted boy shorts are made with Bliss Pima cotton, Lycra spandex, and lace. But they look seamless underneath clothes.

The full rear and generous front panel fit the contours perfectly. We feel this is the best maternity underwear out there.

The only unfortunate thing is that they are hand-wash only.

25. Spanx Women’s Power Mama Shaper

Yes, you can wear Spanx when you’re pregnant.

At least you can wear this pair.

If you’re worried about harming your baby, don’t fret. Lycra shapewear that cradles your belly, bottom, or thighs won’t harm your baby even in the last trimester.

Your baby is cushioned by the amniotic fluid. The slight compression from the garment won’t hurt her.

Therefore, if supportive underwear helps you feel more comfortable, enjoy it. We feel this is the best maternity underwear out there.

This pair of SPANX provides back support and smooths your thighs. It has a belly band that adjusts as your tummy grows.

Also, the fabric is 66% cotton, 34% spandex for breathability.

26. Warner’s Women’s No Pinches No Problems Brief Panty

If you’re not interested in maternity underwear, you’ll probably still need larger panties as your belly grows.

This style from Warners provides a flattering fit without a muffin top. They are machine washable, too.

Last thing, the fabric is 81% nylon, 19% spandex.

27. Fruit of the Loom Fit for Me Women’s Heather Briefs

Fruit of the Loom makes several kinds of women’s briefs. I’ve noticed that pregnant women seem to like this cotton-poly blend.

The fabric feels soft, and the waistband is backed with a plush texture. Also, the crotch is 100% cotton.


If Mama ain’t happy, chances are she needs better underpants.

Give yourself a break and get maternity underwear. If you are wearing maternity underwear make sure it is breathable.

Wearing maternity underwear makes the latter part of your pregnancy more comfortable. Being Uncomfortable during the pregnancy period is the last thing you need.

If you found the perfect panties here today, tell us about them in the comments below.


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